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hmm...Can Anyone Relate?

You Feel Overwhelmed dealing with all aspects of your biz, such as Business operation, Marketing, designing, etc,

Have someone help you deal with technical stuff so that you can focus on taking care of your clients better 

Your design biz is taking off, but you can't accommodate this growth since you're playing a one-person show 

Double your client capacity without increase your workload, and grow your business successfully with the help of outsourcing

You can't gain your work-life balance. You find it hard to spend a whole weekend with your kiddos without thinking about your clients

you're able to live a balanced life. take care of yourself and enjoy high-quality time with your family whenever you want

You can count on me to increase your client base, reduce your workload, and grow your business. Below are tasks I can help you with:

White label website design

Template Customisation

Develop the mobile design

Design, setup blog and online store (Shopify Lite, Woocommerce, Thrivecart). 

Perform a website audit to review your site's design, strategy, and performance.

Integrating 3rd party tools and plugins (email marketing, social media, etc)

And more...



Showit design development (I will turn your design file into a live website.)


It's time to find a support package that meets your demand and budget.
Fortunately, here I have some options for you!

Pick one that fits you,
and let's leverage your design business!

One-off project support


This is for you if:

You need help with some tasks of a specific project.

You want to figure out if I'm a good fit for you before deciding to co-operate with me for a long run.

How it works:

#1: Based on all task-related information that you send me through email or any communication channels that you feel comfortable with, I will quote a flat rate after looking through the scope of work involved.

#2: We hop on discussing the workload, turnaround time, and price. Upon the agreement, you provide me with all necessary input and make payment to get the process started. 

#3: I'll work on the project with four revisions. 2-week email support is available after the handover. 

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Custom quoted

hourly support


#1: Hourly rate:
  • 1 hour: $100
  • 2 hours: $180
  • 3 hours+: $80/hour 
The hours will be scheduled around working hours (9 am-3 pm on weekdays, ICT). There will be an additional charge for work done after my working hours, on weekends, or holidays.

This is for you if:

You need an assistant that help you deal with your to-do list hourly, not on a specific project. 

You want a cost-effective solution for outsourcing 

Investment and how it works:

#2: You pay upfront to get started. These hours can be used within the next 30 days since the payment day. 

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frequently asked questions

which Type of design files (mockup files) do you accept for Showit design development?


We prefer Adobe XD file for the mockup with any images, graphics, fonts recommended by Showit (PNG, JPG, SVG, GIF)

How long does it take you to develop a Showit website since you receive all the file?


Based on the scope of the work, I'll quote you a concrete timeline, but normally it takes me 5-7 working days to accomplish a Showit website development. 

how many rounds of revisions do you provide?


2 rounds of revisions are available. We can manage a call or you record a video for the revision. But, the main opinions of the revision must be written out to make sure we don't skip any key point.

Do you continue to support me after the handover?


After the handover, you have 2-4 weeks of email support (based on which service you took). During this time, I'll answer all your questions relating to running your website and dealing with any issues arising from previous tasks. 
If you need help with any new change or update, it'll be counted as an additional service. 

how does the payment work? And, is payment plan available?


The payment happens before the starting of the project, and upon the invoice sending. The payment plan is only available for some retainer clients and big projects. 

for hourly support, what would happen to my unused hours?


Your hours can be used within the next 30 days however you wish. If you have any unused hours, they will not roll-over to the next month. 

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