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Hi, I'm Selena

From A 9-to-5 worker to a freelance blogger

The secret of getting ahead is getting started

_Mark Twain_

I once did a corporate job that offered me financial stability but took up most of my time as well. And I would have stuck in that rat race for the rest of my life if Covid-19 hadn't broken out. 
During the pandemic, I worked remotely and had more time to think about myself. 
Did I want to stick to this life - a boring one?
No, a big fat NO.
I wanted to have more time for my family and be my own boss.

I spent weeks and weeks finding answers to my question on the Internet.
Guess what?
One day, I stumped on a blog post about how a stay-at-home mom made a full-time income with her food blog. 
It was my aha moment. 
Earning money with blogging. Why not?
I decided to give it a shot. Of course, before I made a stable income from it, blogging would be my side hustle. At that time, I couldn't image that side hustle soon become my career. 

I needed to make a change.
But, what could I do to live my dream life if I weren't a white-collar worker?
How could I get out of my comfort zone?

Her Tailored Blog

Back in the first days when I started my online business, I struggled to deal with website setup since I’m a non-techie. It took me hours and hours to watch videos on Youtube and read tutorials, regardless of tons of arising problems during the setup process, which discouraged me a lot.
Since I was there, believe me when I say I feel you when it comes to the technical aspect of running an online business. And, we're not alone. That's why many beginners get stuck here for weeks and months. Some even want to give up. 
That’s why I came up with the idea of offering website setup and design services that help deal with the most challenging part of building your business from the ground up.
With my services, you can free yourself from daunting designing tasks and focus all your resources on your genius zone, or other essential things like business daily operation, marketing, building relationship with your dream clients. 

Empower women to build their website in the path of least resistance, and turn it into a profitable online business so they can live the life they want.

While I appreciate all blogging blogs that help me broaden my knowledge, many of them lack actionable steps. After reading tons of blog posts on starting and monetizing a blog, you may still find it hard to put those theories into practice.
I want Her Tailored Blog to be different.
Besides helping you build a high-converting website with less effort, I will share the golden nuggets that I've gained on my journey to become a thriving solopreneur in the virtual world. All are tested and proven by myself. 

i Help You build your dream website in the path of least resistance

i Share Roadmap to build your visibility and profitability online

my remarkable numbers

My first earning on the Internet was $259, right on my first month of blogging. Now, I can charge $800-$1200/project, but I no longer feel over the moon as I was. First sale is always the best.

I invested $5,000 - the whole amount of my savings - in education to switch from a 9-to-5 worker to a freelance blogger. I felt more committed to the new journey by giving it all I've had. 

I earned $3,600 from providing web design services in my first year of running my own online business. That year actually lasted only six months, and at that time, designing was my side hustle.




Owing a beautiful and strategical website has benefited my life. 
And, I'm sure they could change your life for the better too. 

Let's Get Started!

I'm ready. Are you?